Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse Online training in India

Best Snowflake cloud data warehouse training is provided through online by our experts to know the in-depth picture of the snowflake database cloud architecture. Get enrolled in the Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse training course either online or through classroom and unleash the power of the cloud data warehouse. The overview of the snowflake course content is provided below with the pre-requisites. If need the detailed course content mail us at . 


  • Experience of SQL/database.
  • Knowledge on data warehouse concepts.
  • Except the first 2 sessions, all include demo and hands-on, based on near real time scenarios.
  • Hands-on and reference materials provided as PDF.


Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse training - Course Overview

Session 1

  • Cloud Data Warehousing – Concepts
  • Snowflake Architecture – Overview

Session 2

  • Snowflake – Registration, Installation and Configuration
  • Working Structure

Session 3

  • Building Blocks of Snowflake

Session 4

  • Loading / Unloading Data into/from Snowflake

Session 5

  • Querying Data in Staged Files

Session 6

  • Using transformation methods

Session 7

  • Working with Semi-structured Data

Session 8

  • Third-party Integrations

Session 9

  • Snowflake Special Features – External Tables

Session 10

  • Snowflake Special Features – Materialized Views

Session 11

  • Data History (Time Travel) and Multi-Environment (Clone)

Session 12

  • User Scripts – Procedures and Functions

Session 13

  • SnowSQL – Command Line Interface
  • Temporary Objects

Session 14

  • Automatic Continuous Load – Snowpipe

Session 15

  • Access Control

Session 16

  • Secure Sharing Data in Snowflake

Session 17

  • Connecting to Snowflake using drivers
  • Connecting from other applications

Session 18

  • Streams and Tasks

Session 19

  • Query Performance

Session 20

  • Managing Your Snowflake Account


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