Tableau Training in Chennai

Blackcloud Infotech provides the best Tableau training in Chennai. Tableau is a data visualization BI tool which helps to visualize your data and comprehend it. The overview of the Tableau course content is provided below. If need customized or detailed course content mail us at . 

Tableau training - Course Overview

Data Visualization Concepts

 Introduction to Tableau

  • Tableau tools
  • Objectives
  • Terminology and Definitions

 Tableau Desktop

  • Data Source Page
  • Tableau Workspace
  • Files and Folders
  • Data and View
  • Data Types
  • Data Roles
  • Visual Cues

 Data Connection in Tableau Interface

  • Data Connections in the Tableau
  • Types of Joins and its uses
  • Data Blending
  • Joining vs. Blending
  • Prepare your Data for Analysis

 Organizing and Simplifying Data

  • Filtering Data
  • Applying a Filter to a View
  • Aggregating Measures
  • Filtering on Dimensions Functions and Measures
  • Quick Filters
  • Sorting of Data
  • Combined Fields
  • Creating Groups and Defining Aliases
  • Working with Sets and Combined Sets
  • Working with Groups and Bins
  • Drill to Other Levels in a Hierarchy
  • Grand totals and Subtotals

 Formatting and Annotations

  • Adding Caption to Views
  • Click Interaction Adding Title to View
  • Using Titles Captions and Tool tips
  • Formatting the Axes
  • Formatting Views with Labels and Annotations
  • Format Mark Labels
  • Annotations

 Chart Types

  • Working with Combined Axis
  • Working with Combination Charts
  • Understanding geocoding and geographic mapping in tableau
  • Describe text and highlight tables
  • Work with Pages Shelf and Create Motion Charts
  • Heat Maps
  • Using Histograms
  • Using Pie Charts
  • Compare Measures Using Bullet Charts
  • Using Bar in Bar Charts
  • Define Advanced Chart Types
  • Using Pareto Charts
  • Creating Pareto Charts
  • Using Waterfall Charts
  • Using Gantt Charts
  • Working with box plots
  • Using Sparkline Charts


  • Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculation
  • Working with Arithmetic Calculations
  • Aggregation Options
  • Quick Table Calculations
  • Automatic and Custom Split
  • Ad-hoc Analytics
  • LOD Calculations

Creating and using Parameters

  • Creating a Parameter
  • Exploring Parameter Controls
  • Work with Parameters
  • Click Interaction Working with Parameters


  • Add Reference Lines, Bands and Distribution
  • Trend lines and Trend Models
  • Statistical Summary Card
  • Perform Drag and Drop Analytics
  • Explore Instant Analysis
  • Forecasting

 Dashboard and Story

  • What is a Dashboard
  • Build Interactive Dashboards
  • Comprehending Best Practices
  • Creating a Dashboard and Importing Sheets
  • Interaction Exploring Dashboard Actions
  • Using Dashboard Actions
  • Creating a Story
  • Story Workspace and Story Points
  • Best Practices
  • Sharing our Work


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